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[Population and Family]
Population (ten thousands)12,713.2 (2014)
Popuation growth (annual %, period average)0.0% (2005-2014)
0-14 years, % of the total population12.9% (2014)
15-64 years, % of the total population61.4% (2014)
65 years and over, % of the total population25.7% (2014)
Life expectancy at birth - Both sexes (years)83.3 (2013)
Life expectancy at birth - Female (years)86.6 (2013)
Life expectancy at birth - Male (years)80.2 (2013)
Population density (per square kilometer)348.7 (2014)
Urban population (% of total)93.0% (2014)
% of those who think that population growth cannot be supported52.4% (2010)
% of those who think that younger people should be treated better than older people40.6% (2011)